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Our admiralty clients are involved in all aspects of the shipping industry. We provide legal services to a wide range of industry participants including:

•    Insurers (liability, hull and cargo)

•    P & I Clubs

•    Port authorities

•    Shipbuilders

•    Ship owners

•    Cargo owners

•    Charterers


Our practice involves the representation of marine insurers in claims related to sail and motor yachts, worldwide. We work with insurers on such matters as: 
•    Coverage disputes 
•    Defense of insureds including shipowners, cargo owners, stevedores and yards 
•    Pollution liability 
•    Hull and machinery
•    Cargo 
•    Protection and indemnity (P & I)
•    Subrogation / recovery matters 
•    Scuttling and fraud
•    Salvage claims
•    Claims evaluation (including fraud investigations) 
•    Monitoring services
•    Review of underwriting and claims guidelines, policy forms and endorsements 



Our maritime practice includes the representation of builders, designers and owners of sail and motor yachts of all designs and sizes. We work with clients in matters including:
•    Product liability actions
•    Limitation of Shipowner's Liability Act [46 U.S.C. §§ 30501 et seq.]
•    Oil spills
•    Arrest and seizure of vessels
•    Maritime liens
•    Longshore defense [33 U.S.C. § 905(b)]



Whatever the issue, our approach is based on common sense. Our objective is to promptly obtain the maximum recovery for our clients at the lowest cost. We work with clients at an early stage, before opportunities are lost, to obtain the evidence required to obtain the desired result through negotiation, ADR, or, if necessary, through the courts.

For more information about our Admiralty and Maritime practice contact William Hughes.

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