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Experienced qui tam lawyers

With a commitment to upholding the law and providing superior legal representation to our clients, Hughes & Nunn LLP is proud to offer a wide array of practice areas. Some of our expert specialty areas include qui tam and product liability law. As qui tam lawyers, we are proud to represent these clients on a contingency basis. This means we do not charge any fees unless there is a recovery on the case. Additionally because we understand the importance of the Federal False Claims Act, we represent qui tam clients across the country.

Like all legal cases, it is important to act immediately if you have evidence of fraud. Also, it is important to have direct knowledge of the fraud. The more evidence available the more likely qui tam lawyers will be interested in the case. In addition, it is vital not to talk about the case until it is filed. If fraud becomes public before it is filed it can be dismissed. At Hughes & Nunn LLP, we advise you to speak to a qui tam attorney about the pros and cons of filing before you take on a qui tam lawsuit. These lawsuits can be quite stressful, but also can be very rewarding.

Product liability attorneys, San Diego

The area of law in which manufacturers are held responsible of the injuries their products may cause is known as product liability. If you are looking for reliable product liability attorneys San Diego, California's practice of Hughes & Nunn LLP can help.

At Hughes & Nunn LLP, one of our specialty areas is product liability law. As a legal representative in this area, we will walk you through the entire legal process. This process includes everything from investigating to litigation to arbitration. Additionally at Hughes & Nunn LLP, we offer legal representation to some of the world's largest automobile manufacturers. If you are searching for expert product liability attorneys, San Diego, California's Hughes & Nunn LLP is your ideal law office.