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Protect our government: qui tam

At Hughes & Nunn LLP, we take our role in society extremely seriously. We understand that upholding the law is much more than our job, but it is our duty as United States citizens. At Hughes & Nunn LLP, we are proud to offer legal representation in the practice area of qui tam. This is a legal provision under the Federal False Claims Act. This legal provision allows private individuals to bring suit on the U.S. government's behalf. The private individual or whistleblower must have knowledge of past or present fraud committed against the government. These private individuals are referred to as the relator and do not need to have been personally harmed by the defendant's conduct.

A qui tam lawsuit can be very stressful, which is why it is important to speak to your qui tam lawyer about all of the pros and cons. At Hughes & Nunn LLP, we are happy to represent clients on a contingency basis across the country. We truly understand that it is one of our utmost duties to protect the government, so please contact us for confidential evaluation.

Product liability lawyers, San Diego

Additionally at Hughes & Nunn LLP, we represent a wide range of product liability clients. If you looking for product liability lawyers, San Diego, California's firm of Hughes & Nunn LLP can assist you in this complex area. Our vast list of clients includes some of the world's largest manufactures of automobiles, trucks, motor coaches, and more. From investigation to litigation to arbitrating disputes, we will walk our clients through the entire legal process. Oftentimes these suits include claims of design defects, duty to warn, product misuse, and many other numerous allegations.As product liability lawyers, San Diego, California's firm of Hughes & Nunn LLP is here to serve you as your legal representation. Please contact us for more information on our products liability practice.