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Federal False Claims Act

At Hughes & Nunn LLP, we specialize in several legal practice areas. With a dedication to providing outstanding legal counsel, we proudly represent our clients in the areas of admiralty, appellate, corporate, employment, qui tam, and more. Working toward the common goal of success, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure that we are specifically meeting their needs.

One of our specialized fields of expertise is The Federal False Claims Act. This act discourages fraud against the federal government. Although this field may sound simplistic, there are numerous categories of fraud against the government. Additionally, taxpayers use this act as the single most important factor to recover the billions of dollars that government contractors steal every year. A whistleblower attorney reveals the wrongdoing within the government or another organization to the public. Also, anyone with any knowledge of fraud may file a qui tam lawsuit.

Experienced whistleblower attorney

At Hughes & Nunn LLP, we understand the value of protecting the government and organizations. This is why we are proud to offer legal representation in the area of qui tam. By offering appropriate representation in the area of The Federal False Claims Act, we are able to protect U.S. taxpayers. Whether it is fraud against the government in the areas of airport construction, crop insurance, Medicare, postal, shipbuilding, defense contractor, or much more, we are able to offer expert knowledge and years of experience.

At Hughes & Nunn LLP, we act as more than just a whistleblower attorney. We not only undercover the wrongdoing, we also offer excellent legal advice and representation. We will walk you through the entire process. For more information on qui tam, please continue browsing through our website. If you would like to speak to one of our representatives confidentially if you suspect fraud against the government, please free to contact us by telephone.