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Quality business lawyer, California firm

At Hughes & Nunn LLP, we strictly adhere to our core principles. These core principles are open communication, complete honesty, mutual respect, and unwavering integrity. With numerous specialized practice areas, we are able to provide our clients with outstanding legal counsel. As a superior business lawyer, California great - Randall M. Nunn is here to serve you. Our excellent team of attorneys can serve you in several areas including qui tam, corporate, product liability, real estate and more. If you are looking for a quality business lawyer California firm, Hughes & Nunn LLP, can help.

Maritime and qui tam attorney

Hughes & Nunn LLP also provides unsurpassed service in the areas of maritime and qui tam law. As a maritime attorney, we represent clients in all aspects of the shipping industry. By providing legal services to shipbuilders, ship owners, lenders, cargo owners, and more, we are able to protect the industry.

Working as a qui tam attorney, our lawyers are able to help protect our government. Qui tam is the area of law that handles the Federal False Claims Act. This act was designed to discourage fraud against the government. As a qui tam attorney, we can act as a whistleblower and stop fraud. Please consult your attorney before filing a qui tam case. It is crucial to weigh the pros and cons while determining if you have enough evidence to move forward with the procedure.

Product liability lawyers, California office

Dedicated to working with our clients, we work toward the common goal of success. We are proud to be known for offering quality product liability lawyers. California clients turn to us for expert help. In the specialized field of products liability, we provide outstanding representation that includes investigation, litigation, and arbitration. As quality product liability lawyers, California great, Hughes & Nunn, can represent you in the various claims that may arise.

Real estate attorney, San Diego laws

With a significant number of real estate disputes that arise, we are proud to represent you with your real estate issues. If you are seeking a legal representative, we would be happy to serve as your real estate attorney. San Diego, California is home to our office. We invite to continue reading to learn more on lease disputes and fraud claims. To learn more about our real estate attorney, San Diego laws, or more, please continue browsing through our website.