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Business attorney, San Diego practice

It takes several important practices and items to run a successful business. Every business needs two professionals to help ensure the greatest success. These two professionals are an accountant and a lawyer. By charting your accounts, reviewing your numbers, and preparing tax returns, an accountant can help your company begin to grow without any accounting mishaps. However, many people do not realize that they should invest in a lawyer. Business attorneys provide crucial assistance in nearly every aspect of a business.

At Hughes & Nunn, our successful and experienced legal representatives can serve as your business attorney. San Diego, California is home to our ever-growing practice. We can assist your company in basic zoning compliance, copyright and trademark services, incorporation, lawsuits, and liability. It is vital to hire a business attorney early on. If you wait until you are being sued, then you have waited too long. At this point it is too late to hire a business lawyer and the problems that could have been avoided have already occurred.

Admiralty and maritime attorney

At Hughes & Nunn LLP, we offer a wide selection of practice areas from business lawyers to a real estate attorney. One of our many specialties is admiralty and maritime law. As your maritime attorney, we will serve as your legal representation while you are on the sea. Maritime law is the body of law that governs navigation and shipping. The U.S. admiralty laws are derived from the British admiralty courts and differ from common law.

Hughes & Nunn LLP proudly represents clients from all aspects of the shipping industry. As a maritime attorney and by providing legal services to a vast array of industry participants, we are able to expand our knowledge and expertise while providing excellent and appropriate legal representation to our clients. Please continue reading to learn more about how we can better serve you as your maritime or business attorney. San Diego, California's best invites you to please contact us today with any questions.